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Welcome Host – customer service training

Embrace all the essential customer service skills.This is an unbeatable introduction to core customer service skills and has made an astounding impact on thousands of organisations in the UK. Aimed at newcomers to customer service, staff discover all the essentials of great customer care and develop the personal skills that make a huge difference.


  • Make a great first impression and radiate a warm welcome
  • Build good and lasting relationships with customers


  • See things from the customer’s point of view
  • Connect better with customers of all kinds
  • Radically improve the customer’s experience


  • Handle difficult situations and turn negatives into positives
  • Listen to customer feedback and bring about positive change


  • Keep up standards at all times
  • Make a difference to the business through your own actions and approach


  • Win more repeat business through customer service
  • Spot how you can make improvements to customer service


This definitive one-day Welcome Host training course includes a mix of inspirational presentation, stimulating group activity, essential tips and individual action planning.

Combining an expert overview with specific actions to improve customer service in your business, no wonder this is the UK’s No 1 training course in customer service.

Welcome Host covers:


  • The importance of excellent customer service

The Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality industry

  • Industry sectors
  • The benefits of tourism
  • The value of tourism
  • What makes a business or organisation stand out?

Understanding your customers

  • The customer experience
  • Put yourself in the customer’s shoes
  • Identifying needs and expectations
  • Identifying the types of customers at your own organisation

Delivering excellent customer service

  • Key elements of customer service
  • Trends in customer service and changing expectations
  • Check your level of service
  • Setting and maintaining standards
  • How to make a great first impression

Successful communication

  • Verbal communication
  • Body language
  • The importance of listening skills
  • Open and closed questions
  • Written communication
  • Communication by telephone

Providing information and advices

  • Presenting information to customers
  • Sharing local information

Meeting specific needs

  • Providing an accessible service
  • Language and cultural diversity
  • Different needs for customers of different ages

Dealing with difficult situations

  • ‘The nice customer’ may not be the repeat customer!
  • The causes of dissatisfaction
  • Handling complaints effectively
  • Recognising customer reactions
  • Dealing with feelings
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Resolving problems
  • Using customer feedback for positive change

Boosting business

  • Opportunities to increase business
  • Improvements you can make in your own business or organisation

Welcome Host participants will:

  • improve communication skills
  • create a positive impression
  • deal effectively with difficult situations
  • exceed customer expectations
  • build repeat business and word of mouth recommendations

Open courses

Open courses are organised according to demand around the region. These courses are ideal for smaller businesses or for larger businesses only requiring training for a small number of staff. One advantage of attending an open course is the opportunity to meet and discuss ideas with other participants from a variety of backgrounds.

In-house courses

In-house courses can be run for a company or several companies, colleges, associations or groups. In-house courses offer a great opportunity to tailor the content to a specific business.

Trainer Training

It is also possible to deliver training through your own team by participating in the ‘train the trainer’ scheme. This can give you extra flexibility as well as making sure the training is totally geared to your own business needs. Successful participants receive full trainer support materials and a trainer certificate.

“I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to do the Welcome Host training – very positive skills”

“The trainer was really inspirational and the course was informative and helpful”

“Loved the variety of exercises and the trainers approach and energy made it all very engaging”