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The Exceeding Visitor Expectations one-day training course has been designed specifically for visitor attraction front-line staff that combines the expertise of VisitEngland’s Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme and the experience of the renowned Welcome to Excellence training programmes.

Exceeding Visitor Expectations will help participants to:

  • identify what your attraction and the area where you work has to offer
  • understand who your visitors are and what they need and expect
  • meet, manage and, whenever possible, exceed visitor expectations
  • welcome visitors from all sections of the community and provide an accessible service
  • communicate successfully with visitors
  • use product/destination knowledge to provide information and advice in an inspiring way
  • deal effectively with challenging situations
  • act as an ambassador for your attraction and local area


Exceeding Visitor Expectations is a highly practical customer service training course aimed at front-line staff working in a visitor attraction.

Exceeding Visitor Expectations covers:

  1. Creating great experiences
    • Developing your knowledge and skills
    • Meeting national standards
    • Learning outcomes
    • What’s in it for me?
    • Types of visitor attraction
    • Positive and negative experiences
  1. Identifying, meeting and exceeding visitor expectations
    • Understanding your visitors
    • Who are your visitors?
    • Making an offer
    • What does your attraction have to offer?
    • Meeting and exceeding expectations
    • Managing expectations
    • Identifying visitor expectations
    • Customer service trends
    • The visitor journey
    • Competition and collaboration
  1. Delivering a high quality service
    • Contributing to a great visitor experience
    • Characteristics of excellent service
    • You’re welcome
    • Making an impression
    • Managing queues
    • Behaviour, attitude and enthusiasm
    • Practical and emotional needs
    • Efficient and responsive service
    • Setting and maintaining standards
    • Polices and procedures
    • Working as an effective team
    • Improving your team’s performance
    • An attraction for everyone
    • Improving access
    • Overcoming barriers to accessibility at your attraction
    • Talking to disabled visitors
    • Welcoming visitors of all ages
    • Different cultures, different languages
    • Speaking to international visitors
  1. Communicating with visitors
    • The role of communication at an attraction
    • Why are communication skills so important?
    • Personal communication
    • Choosing your words
    • Vocal communication
    • Communicating without words
    • How good are your listening skills
    • Active listening
    • Answering questions
    • Telephone calls
  2. Engaging with and inspiring visitors
    • Product and destination knowledge
    • What do you need to know?
    • Bringing your attraction to life
    • Engaging your visitors
    • Communicating with larger groups
    • Being pro-active
  1. Resolving challenging situations
    • Challenging situations
    • Visitor dissatisfaction
    • Handling a complaint
    • Don’t make matters worse
    • Responding to challenging situations
    • Visitor feedback
  1. Promoting your attraction
    • Acting as an ambassador
    • Promoting your brand
    • Encouraging secondary spend
    • Options for boosting business
    • Selling an attraction
    • Features, advantages and benefits
    • Link, cross and up-selling
    • Using effective sales techniques
  1. Now it’s up to you
    • Improving quality
    • Exceeding visitor expectations
Open courses
Open courses are organised according to demand around the region.  These courses are ideal for smaller businesses or for larger businesses only requiring training for a small number of staff.  One advantage of attending an open course is the opportunity to meet and discuss ideas with other participants from a variety of backgrounds.

In-house courses
In-house courses can be run for a company or several companies, colleges, associations or groups.  In-house courses offer a great opportunity to tailor the content to a specific business.

Trainer Training
It is also possible to deliver training through your own team by participating in the ‘train the trainer’ scheme.  This can give you extra flexibility as well as making sure the training is totally geared to your own business needs. Successful participants receive full trainer support materials and a trainer certificate.

‘Informative, interactive and extremely useful.  Great trainer.’

‘Beneficial for all members of staff.  Would recommend to other employers’

‘The training provided fresh thinking towards customer service’

‘I didn’t really want to go on this course, thought that it was irrelevant for my job role, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, learnt a lot and think it is relevant for all of us.’

‘I think everyone should attend at least every 2 years to maintain consistency of standards.  Trainer was very professional and interesting.’

‘The whole programme was very interesting and enjoyable’

‘Good delivery, lots of audience participation, fun and informative’