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Here is a selection of some of the fantastic feedback received following recent Art of Being Brilliant sessions:


‘Genuine and ‘real’ approach. Fabulous! Best course by far on all levels’

It was, to coin a phrase, brilliant. If I had been wearing socks they would’ve been blown off. I was inspired, energised, excited, and happy. Happy to be me, and to see what I could, should and will achieve. Happy to live in the moment, and not wish my time away, happy enjoy every day not wait for something good to happen – because, guess what, it’s already happening! The art of being brilliant is now much discussed, shared and raved about. And do you know what, it’s contagious. I gave a friend the book to read, she bought her own copy and one for another friend. Spreading the happiness, sharing the brilliance.’

‘It was all inspiring and stimulating’

‘Entertaining, inspiring’

‘Brilliant course got so much from it funny, informative and thought provoking; I will and have used many of the tools already – brilliant!’

‘Good fun and very thought provoking’

‘Excellent – most engaging’

‘It was fantastic, a great motivator on a Monday and the most enjoyable course I think I’ve ever been on’

‘By far the most engaging course I have ever attended’

‘The delivery style was entertaining and motivating, but at the same time key learning points were put across well. Many courses are long and drawn out and because the delegates are bored, nothing is gained from attending the course. ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ is quite the opposite- it was entertaining, motivating, and high impact’

‘Excellent! I haven’t learnt or laughed so much in ages. Thank you!’

‘Really enjoyed it, quality speakers, memorable messages’

‘I found all parts of the programme extremely useful (and entertaining)’