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The Art of Being Brilliant team deliver to a wide and varied client base.  Some clients are listed below along with a case study from Ginsters who have delivered the Art of Being Brilliant in-house for a few years:

Case Study:
Ginsters first worked with the Art of Brilliance team in 2006 and have continued to do so given the great return they get from each programme that is delivered. The Art of Brilliance concepts are simple yet powerful and when applied can literally transform the way people think and behave both personally and in the workplace. The Art of Brilliance concepts are easily bought into, are delivered in a realistic, down to earth way which anyone can easily relate to and understand.

This programme has enabled our staff to build a common language and approach to work which is both refreshing and positive. It has had an enormous impact on the people in our business and has enabled us to engage with and develop our staff in different ways. Aligning the Art of Brilliance concepts with Leadership and other Personal Development programmes we have run has brought an exciting and sustainable change to how we do things in our business.

Nicky Taylor

Other clients include:


many more including schools…..